Midtown Bay Real Estate Developer Guocoland

Increasingly people do not wish to spend many hours daily commuting to their workplace, hence there is more demand for mixed development projects like Midtown Bay which combine offices, shops and residential condos. This ensures that people can reach their workplace and also do their shopping quickly without wasting much time and money, leading to a better quality of life for the residents of the area. The government also ensures that the property developer will also construct office,shops along with condos since this is specified in the terms of the auction. Midtown Bay Guocoland is located next to Suntec City and Bugis.

Midtown Bay Condo Guocoland

The property development firm Guocoland along with other companies in the group has won the auction for developing the Midtown Bay project which will complement the residential condo in the area. The Guocoland group is a diversified business which has developed properties in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries in addition to developing real estate in Singapore. It is a reputed real estate company in Singapore listed at the Singapore stock exchange, so investors and others who wish to purchase offices, shops or condos in the project can be assured that they will get quality construction.

Guocoland Real Estate Developer for Midtown Bay

Guocoland has paid a higher price than the market price to win the auction for the plot, and it is confident that it will recover its investment since the plot is located in the prime Bugis area of Singapore in district nine, close to the central business district. In addition to having the best possible design and using quality construction materials, Guocoland will take all steps to ensure that the Midtown Bay mixed use project becomes a landmark, which will showcase the property development expertise of the Midtown group. The group is planning to outsource the design of the property to most skilled experts so that it will be a memorable project from the developer.

Midtown Bay Near to Restaurants in Bugis

For those working in the offices there are options for eating out or order their meals in the locality. Some of the options are Vatos Urban Tacos for Mexican food lovers, Olivia and Co and Tom’s Palette. Thai food lovers can enjoy Thai food at Maggie Thai in the vicinity while Ah Chew Desserts offers a large number of sweet dishes. For shopping Nike and Bulova are in the vicinity. Those working in the offices can purchase new gadgets or get their gadgets repaired at the various shops at the mall. There are a number of bus stops in the vicinity on Nicoll Highway and Rochor Road so that people living elsewhere can easily reach the office.

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