Changi Airport Singapore

Have you ever heard about this amazing airport? It has been a civilian airport for very many years. There is no doubt that it is one of the largest airports in Singapore. Do you know that this airport has been rated the best in the world recently? In fact, this is not the first time for the airport to be given such fete. It has been the best for the last seven years. With that in mind, you can imagine the services at this airport. Away from that, it is the first airport in the world to ever retain the position for several consecutive years.

Changi Airport Located near to Tampines and Pasir Ris Central

Over the years, this airport has emerged as one of the busiest airports in the world. It handles both cargo and passenger traffic. Which was the original location of this airport? The construction of the airport started in Changi before it was expanded to handle larger planes. You will take just a few minutes to get to this airport from Marina Bay. There are numerous runways at this airport. The most popular runways are runway 1 and runway 2. The new development by Allgreen Properties located at Pasir Ris MRT Station is by

Singapore Airlines Under Changi Airport

This airport has been under the local airport group for the last couple of years. It is also good to keep in mind that it is the home base of Singapore airlines. In 2018, it is said that the airport served 65 million people. In fact, this is the highest number of passengers the airport has ever handled since it came into operation. That is the reason why it was ranked as the 19th busiest airport in the world. The data was published by the airport recently. Also, this airport has been awarded numerous times since its opening.

Changi Airport Security and Policies

Are you sure that the overall safety and security in this airport is managed by the airport group? What is the main role of the Aviation Security Unit? It makes sure that the airport complies with all aviation security policies. Airport emergency division is entitled to ensure that firefighting services are efficient. It is responsible to handle all instances of rescue. This division not only handles firefighting services in the airport but also around the surrounding waters.

Airport Emergency Service Division usually operates from two main fire stations. Where does the airport security come under? The overall security in this airport is handled by the Airport Police Division. This is under the Singapore Police Force.

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