Bukit Timah Estate Fourth Avenue Residences Condo

Allgreen properties bought you a new capital for your lavish lifestyle. Fourth Avenue residences are capitalizing your source of living. If you are enthusiastic to live a prime life in Singapore so, Fourth Avenue Residences heartily invite you to fulfil your dreams. Fourth Avenue Residences freehold condo is located in the residential area of Bukit Timah. This prime location includes varieties for an ideal residential area. The academic areas and schools are very close to the location. The land was under the property of the government. Allgreen properties won the bid meriting $553M to visualize your dreams.

Bukit Timah Estate Near to Fourth Avenue Residences Allgreen Properties

Bukit Timah is one of central Singapore’s prime located townships. It covers higher planned housing areas. You can find the highest number of private housing in this location. The best place to live in Singapore includes Fourth Avenue Residences. It was the highest hill in Singapore which was converted into the nature reserve. The reason behind this conversion was to preserve the wildlife. This scenario invites many people around the city to enjoy the view. One can never deny living under this shade and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Fourth Avenue Residences Lavish Life with Full Amenities

Yes, you are at the right location if you are willing to live a prime life which is Fourth Avenue Residences. Fourth Avenue Residences offers you live a lavish life and to fulfil all the fantasies. Under the shade of this site, you can enjoy horse riding. The proposition is not yet done it includes the luxurious raffle in town club, a grand ballroom, pubs, indoor gym, tennis court, children playground, BBQ areas, and pool. It also includes a Botanical garden which carries a variety of plants. So, one can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with their family.

Fourth Avenue Residences Different Layouts and Bedroom Types

Fourth Avenue Residences includes a variety in their plan for bedroom like 1,2 and 3. This plan established on every floor differently. The two type of facing invites to look broadly over the city. The floor plan includes the standard and a classic piece to remunerate the idea. The bathtub, shower heads, toilets, oven, sinks, dishwasher etc are included. This kind of fitting provides a vibrant look to your home. Where the furniture includes the bed, sofa, television and dining tables. The wish of living in a huge house with all the features and amenities becoming true. The house includes the bedroom, living area, balcony, dining room, kitchen and, bathrooms. This space will allow your family to relax and breathe down. The Fourth Avenue Residence is waiting to warmly welcome you. We are here to standardize the style of living by providing our services.

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