Amber 45 Condo Freehold Residential Site

Located right at Marine Parade residential area, a new freehold housing development project by the name Amber 45 commenced. Dream homes will soon come to 45 Amber Road with UOL Group Limited, one of top property companies in Singapore, has their sigh on a prime site at Marine Parade residential area.

Occupied by nursery and landscaping business once, such establishments will soon make way for dream homes the Amber 45 Condo Project will bring. UOL Group saw the site’s potential for residential purposes, now mobilizing their people to complete the project to bring wide array of benefits and conveniences to any potential resident.

Amber 45 Condo Freehold Residential Site

Encompassing 70, 000 square feet residential site, the area can accommodate the entirety of 22-story condominium with 190 units. Amber 45 is only one of OUL’s many property acquisitions, a housing project that opens a certain opportunity to ride in with this new project’s sure success. OUL Limited shows abundant history, experience and success in acquisition and development of housing projects.

Amber 45 UOL Ban Nee Chen Nursery

With success of OUL’s previous projects, it is certain that Amber 45 will become success. Soon Amber 45 adds to the magnificence of the city’s skyline. It will offer wide range benefits, conveniences and ease of access to wonderful amenities and services. Even better, establishments like Katong Shopping Center and Parkway East Hospital are just around the corner.

Amber 45 East Coast Avenue Condo

Potential residents of Amber 45 will delight in the fact that individuals can now reside in one of Marine Parade’s most attractive areas. If you become an owner of a unit, you can choose between 2 apartment options – North or South Facing. Both apartment options offer you a chance to see a glorious view of Singapore to the north as well as the beauty of the southern seashores.
High quality institutions and establishments surround Amber 45. If not the own condominium’s amenities and services, you will find unlimited services from bars, shops, malls, etc. within only walking distance. If you want to know more about OUL Limited’s new housing project Amber 45, you can visit for more information.

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