Optimistic Bids for Seaside Residences Siglap Thomson-East Coast Line

Singapore is one highly attractive location for up end residences that even today dot coastal strips of the island. By the looks of things they show no signs of easing up and much of these coveted seaside lands are blooming into more residences led by one particular developer, Frasers Centrepoint Homes. Currently planned residences cater mainly for families with children who plan to pursue their academic schooling in good schools and universities in the area. The main features of these seaside residences are as follows:

Optimistic Bids for Seaside Residences Siglap

The name of the project is Seaside Residences which is situated on the Siglap Road with Fraser Centerpoint Homes as the principle developer. The tenancy for each residence is an attractive 99 years with the confines of the D5 District area. Careful calculations indicate the site area to be just over 19,000 square meters (19,309.6 sqm), with a total floor area covering 67,584 square meters of floor space. The number of blocks to be constructed is yet to be determined as are the number of storeys and units involved forĀ Thomson-East Coast Line Seaside Residences though some speculate that a total of 800 to 900 units may be taking shape on the drawing board.

Seaside Residences Frasers Centrepoint Homes Seaviews

Ideal locations for addressing the needs of potential residents are paramount in the bid to occupy the most convenient residence for schooling, shopping, socializing and the Siglap Seaside Residences on the East Coast of the island is a prime target. The area became the focus of attention only recently after a lull in real estate development. It is therefore an ideal change in developmental focus and an initiative that will be well received by decision makers.

Seaside Residences Condo Siglap MRT Thomson-East Coast Line

The site for these up-end condo residences feature impeccable amenities put at the disposal of occupiers for both convenience and entertainment. They include a swimming pool, an indoor gym, tennis court, a playground for children and even a BBQ area for a relaxing and casual meal perhaps at the pool side. These amenities provide a congenial place for meeting other condo residents and enjoy life in a group. Your health is always kept in top shape with the swimming pool, gym and spa in close proximity. It has an unblocked panoramic views of the East Coast Beach.

The floor plans of seaside Residences clearly indicate that units will consist of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units with two different views. The first view looks across the Marine Parade road for units located up to the 5th floor. Unblocked viewing is available for residents who occupy the 6th floor and above.

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