Parc Clematis Collective Sales SingHaiYi Group

Parc Clematis is a development project initiated by SingHaiYi Properties in the mature town of Jalan Lempeng. This comes as the next phase after the first phase known as Park West Enbloc successfully sold to SingHaiYi Group at a price of $840.89 million. Many attributes have made the Parc Clematis an ideal place to invest as highlighted below.

Parc Clematis Collective Sales SingHaiYi Group

Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Group has established family-friendly facilities within the condominiums to ensure that the local residents do not travel far for entertainment, fitness coaching or for family activities. They have a function house, tennis courts, sun decks, a 50m swimming pool, indoor gym as well as a playground for the kids. All these facilities are fully furnished with unique equipment and personnel. Families living in this area will enjoy having all their fitness, security or even entertainment needs addressed to their satisfaction. Parc Clematis is a collective sale that is for sale soon.

Parc Clematis Clementi MRT Station Singapore

With the availability of the Clementi MRT Station, residents will have an easy time traveling in and out of the condos. This train station is based on the East-West Line. Besides, Parc Clematis will be located next to some main roads such as Jurong and Queenstown that lead to different parts of Singapore. For those who would like to travel with busses, there will be many options in the Commonwealth Avenue West and Clementi Avenue 6. From these two locations, you will catch your favorite buses to the destination of your choice.

Parc Clematis Near to Popular Shopping Centre

First, this project is strategically located near some of the most popular shopping centers in Singapore. The locals will enjoy going for shopping routines with their loved ones in some of the extensive malls such as the Grantral Mall, 321 Clementi as well as the famous Clementi Mall. These shopping malls are linked with Clementi Bus Interchange as well as the Clementi MRT Station making the whole shopping experience more enjoyable. Besides, the residents of Parc Clematis will also have the option of walking directly to popular Clementi Mall for it is just a few minutes walk from the development. Besides these malls, there is the West Coast Park. Located near the Parc Clematis Freehold Condos, this park provides families with a variety of outdoor activities to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

With the proximity to a good network of transport, great shopping malls, amenities and equipped with the best facilities, it can be asserted that the Parc Clematis is an ideal investment for anyone in Singapore.

Changi Airport Singapore

Have you ever heard about this amazing airport? It has been a civilian airport for very many years. There is no doubt that it is one of the largest airports in Singapore. Do you know that this airport has been rated the best in the world recently? In fact, this is not the first time for the airport to be given such fete. It has been the best for the last seven years. With that in mind, you can imagine the services at this airport. Away from that, it is the first airport in the world to ever retain the position for several consecutive years.

Changi Airport Located near to Tampines and Pasir Ris Central

Over the years, this airport has emerged as one of the busiest airports in the world. It handles both cargo and passenger traffic. Which was the original location of this airport? The construction of the airport started in Changi before it was expanded to handle larger planes. You will take just a few minutes to get to this airport from Marina Bay. There are numerous runways at this airport. The most popular runways are runway 1 and runway 2. The new development by Allgreen Properties located at Pasir Ris MRT Station is by

Singapore Airlines Under Changi Airport

This airport has been under the local airport group for the last couple of years. It is also good to keep in mind that it is the home base of Singapore airlines. In 2018, it is said that the airport served 65 million people. In fact, this is the highest number of passengers the airport has ever handled since it came into operation. That is the reason why it was ranked as the 19th busiest airport in the world. The data was published by the airport recently. Also, this airport has been awarded numerous times since its opening.

Changi Airport Security and Policies

Are you sure that the overall safety and security in this airport is managed by the airport group? What is the main role of the Aviation Security Unit? It makes sure that the airport complies with all aviation security policies. Airport emergency division is entitled to ensure that firefighting services are efficient. It is responsible to handle all instances of rescue. This division not only handles firefighting services in the airport but also around the surrounding waters.

Airport Emergency Service Division usually operates from two main fire stations. Where does the airport security come under? The overall security in this airport is handled by the Airport Police Division. This is under the Singapore Police Force.

Midtown Bay Real Estate Developer Guocoland

Increasingly people do not wish to spend many hours daily commuting to their workplace, hence there is more demand for mixed development projects like Midtown Bay which combine offices, shops and residential condos. This ensures that people can reach their workplace and also do their shopping quickly without wasting much time and money, leading to a better quality of life for the residents of the area. The government also ensures that the property developer will also construct office,shops along with condos since this is specified in the terms of the auction. Midtown Bay Guocoland is located next to Suntec City and Bugis.

Midtown Bay Condo Guocoland

The property development firm Guocoland along with other companies in the group has won the auction for developing the Midtown Bay project which will complement the residential condo in the area. The Guocoland group is a diversified business which has developed properties in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries in addition to developing real estate in Singapore. It is a reputed real estate company in Singapore listed at the Singapore stock exchange, so investors and others who wish to purchase offices, shops or condos in the project can be assured that they will get quality construction.

Guocoland Real Estate Developer for Midtown Bay

Guocoland has paid a higher price than the market price to win the auction for the plot, and it is confident that it will recover its investment since the plot is located in the prime Bugis area of Singapore in district nine, close to the central business district. In addition to having the best possible design and using quality construction materials, Guocoland will take all steps to ensure that the Midtown Bay mixed use project becomes a landmark, which will showcase the property development expertise of the Midtown group. The group is planning to outsource the design of the property to most skilled experts so that it will be a memorable project from the developer.

Midtown Bay Near to Restaurants in Bugis

For those working in the offices there are options for eating out or order their meals in the locality. Some of the options are Vatos Urban Tacos for Mexican food lovers, Olivia and Co and Tom’s Palette. Thai food lovers can enjoy Thai food at Maggie Thai in the vicinity while Ah Chew Desserts offers a large number of sweet dishes. For shopping Nike and Bulova are in the vicinity. Those working in the offices can purchase new gadgets or get their gadgets repaired at the various shops at the mall. There are a number of bus stops in the vicinity on Nicoll Highway and Rochor Road so that people living elsewhere can easily reach the office.

One Holland Village Facilities by Far East

One Holland Village is a modern and newly developed property sitting at the center of Holland. The project has been developed by famous construction company known as the far east organization. This development consists of private residential units, office space, service apartment, as well as retail F & B. It’s an amazing place located in a strategic place full of amenities such as shopping centers, medical centers, schools, transport options among other wonderful amenities.

One Holland Village Facilities by Far East

One Holland Village Far East has top quality and unique facilities which offers the residents and their loved ones mind blowing entertainment. Among the facilities found there include club house, guard house, indoor fitness center, tennis court, expansive swimming pool, SunDeck, BBQ pits as well as children playground. In fact, One Holland Village will offer you an executive and unique lifestyle at the center of Holland town.

Shopping Centers Located Near One Holland Village

The number of shopping centers located in this development vicinity are numerous. These shopping malls have been vital to the lives of the residents. Some of the popular shopping centers include Holland Road shopping center, the Star Vista, Rochester Mall and the rest. These malls home various tenants such as fashion centers, retails, cold storages, supermarket, eateries, clubs, entertainment centers, cinema rooms among many others.

One Holland Village Far East Near to Singapore Botanical Gardens

Residents of One Holland Village are lucky to be living a few meters away from Singapore Botanical Gardens. The garden has many outdoor activities where residents can spend quality time with their family making fun and creating social bonds. Everyone likes to live in an easily accessed area. One Holland Village is not an exempted. The development is strategically located next to various transport options thus making it easily accessed. Residents can access the development through Holland Village MRT Station. Also, for those who wish to use buses, the number of buses operating along Holland Road and Bouna Vista Road are countless.

Developments at One Holland Village Singapore

Moreover, residents can also access the development via Ayer Rajah Express way (AYE) and Common wealth avenue. This development is at the center of elite schools and institutions in Singapore. Availability of learning institutions in the proximity is a major reason why the demand for units at One Holland Village has hiked.

This allows children to spend much of their time in tuition, resting and doing homework since they won’t travel far going to school. The parents also are lucky because they don’t have to take their children to school every morning and pick them at evening. Meaning, they can spend that time in more productive work. Some of the elite schools found next to this development include ACS International, Fair field Methodist School, as well as CHIJ Primary School. Stop living in residences offering you an outdated lifestyle. One Holland Village is the place to be. Get the unit there and you will enjoy a unique and serene lifestyle in the heart of Holland.

Bukit Timah Estate Fourth Avenue Residences Condo

Allgreen properties bought you a new capital for your lavish lifestyle. Fourth Avenue residences are capitalizing your source of living. If you are enthusiastic to live a prime life in Singapore so, Fourth Avenue Residences heartily invite you to fulfil your dreams. Fourth Avenue Residences freehold condo is located in the residential area of Bukit Timah. This prime location includes varieties for an ideal residential area. The academic areas and schools are very close to the location. The land was under the property of the government. Allgreen properties won the bid meriting $553M to visualize your dreams.

Bukit Timah Estate Near to Fourth Avenue Residences Allgreen Properties

Bukit Timah is one of central Singapore’s prime located townships. It covers higher planned housing areas. You can find the highest number of private housing in this location. The best place to live in Singapore includes Fourth Avenue Residences. It was the highest hill in Singapore which was converted into the nature reserve. The reason behind this conversion was to preserve the wildlife. This scenario invites many people around the city to enjoy the view. One can never deny living under this shade and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Fourth Avenue Residences Lavish Life with Full Amenities

Yes, you are at the right location if you are willing to live a prime life which is Fourth Avenue Residences. Fourth Avenue Residences offers you live a lavish life and to fulfil all the fantasies. Under the shade of this site, you can enjoy horse riding. The proposition is not yet done it includes the luxurious raffle in town club, a grand ballroom, pubs, indoor gym, tennis court, children playground, BBQ areas, and pool. It also includes a Botanical garden which carries a variety of plants. So, one can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with their family.

Fourth Avenue Residences Different Layouts and Bedroom Types

Fourth Avenue Residences includes a variety in their plan for bedroom like 1,2 and 3. This plan established on every floor differently. The two type of facing invites to look broadly over the city. The floor plan includes the standard and a classic piece to remunerate the idea. The bathtub, shower heads, toilets, oven, sinks, dishwasher etc are included. This kind of fitting provides a vibrant look to your home. Where the furniture includes the bed, sofa, television and dining tables. The wish of living in a huge house with all the features and amenities becoming true. The house includes the bedroom, living area, balcony, dining room, kitchen and, bathrooms. This space will allow your family to relax and breathe down. The Fourth Avenue Residence is waiting to warmly welcome you. We are here to standardize the style of living by providing our services.